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Helping Self...

10 Second Pep Talk

At what point do you say enough? Hopefully its not in a casket. I’m just saying…… Do YOU NOT THINK that it is / indeed maybe time to Wake up?
Stop giving people power over you that won’t be there to save you on Judgement day..Only words that will matter will be the words Well Done from Jesus, so give him the same authority and respect on earth as it will be in Heaven.
Okay – continue on with your God given morning and enjoy!

Monday’s Prayer –

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence & the violent take it by force! Violent Faith will tear the roof off of a house to get in the presence of Jesus! Violent faith will not be defeated, denied, or destroyed! Violent faith will endured, expand, & outlast fear, doubt, & unbelief until victory has been achieved! No retreat! No surrender!
Heavenly Father You are my source and strength, in Your Word do I trust. Have your way today in the lives of you children. Correct us, Bless us, Heal, and strengthen us Father as learn to be more like Your Son Jesus Christ. You are great and Your name is so Great. Their is none like You. So we Praise You for who you are and thank You for loving us.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Note To Others –

Sadly we seem to have a lot of this going around! People who complain that there is no way are the ones who are indeed ” in the way”……. Try something different and instead of thinking that things cannot be done just because you personally cannot see it – ATTEMPT to aid someone else who also sees the vision! Then help bring the plans to LIFE via the vision that you have also seen but did not have the courage to do.

Now once the vision has come to pass, eventually maybe it can and will encourage to stop the negativity within your own mind.


dream 2 nightmare

The I have a dream speech…..fortunately still LIVES on within the hearts and minds of a great deal of people today. As so it should because it spoke of freedom..hope and change for everyone who had breath in their bodies. Why is it that minorities of ANY RACE “seem to be” more accepting, loving and understanding than MAINSTREAM AMERICA? ( Just a thought )

This may seem like a funny post to some but you know me!! I am looking at it in a totally different light!! Whenever the late, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw an unjustice taking place….he ran toward it to see how he would be able to make a difference! He left his monument to go see about the people….

Now from monuments being built, to speeches being done and repeated on his behalf, to people getting slogans placed on the side of buildings, to rallies being put together etc. etc. etc.

His statue,  his walks for peace, his sit- ins for justice, his marches on Washington, his time spent away from his family his preaching / speeches, his death STILL should mean something – 


Martin Luther King Jr.’s kids are still trying to carry out their father’s dream today! Nonetheless, a dream is something that you think about and wish how things could / should be.

His dreams did eventually turn into reality but overall – some of things that were accomplished have indeed turned a portion of his dreams to nightmares…….. His children even recognizes it. We should NEVER have to question our own race , culture, stances, morals, ethics, religion and beliefs and ask ourselves…….

Did he speak for nothing? did he die for nothing? if not…. show me more ..because one example surely isn’t enough