Heart of A Parent –


I’m going to talk about something that is forbidden and its that of a parent who has lost the child to the world of sin. Many say hush don’t talk about it and yet while on this 13th day of December 2012, I’ve yet to see that solve anything. So I’m going to open my BIG ANOINTED mouth and talk about it.
I’M going to CURSE the spirit of darkness that has temporarily stolen the child I love. You can sit in church and dress good and preach and prophesy all you want but I’m tired of watching my youth…OUR youth unwed fornicators and live loose lives like its ok cause we did it. You take that mess and keep it, I chose to break this curse that says its ok for it to be this way. .
I CHOSE to trust that my heart is in the very palms of God’s hands!  Sadly, many who say they praying and don’t pray, many who said they would be there have run away. I wake up daily trying to go and get her and the Holy Spirit says no she gotta want me more than she wants the world. My heart aches daily. I’m in daily therapy with the Holy Spirit. I aint sad, I’m happy.
I love my life and I aint miserable , don’t fill sorry for me. I sleep at night. I shop, I eat and I spend time with my friends and family like today is the last day because NO MAN knows the day nor the hour. You see God won’t let my daughter go because of the damage she has caused, He wouldn’t allow it to interrupt His promise, He made me!  It is very hard as a parent to let her go but spriitually speaking –  she didn’t desire to be held anymore, but yet He ( GOD ) STILL stands at the door of her heart and He waits.
I no longer dibble dabble over any long drawn out stories because stories dont move God, prayer does! Jibber jabber does not move me but prayer does. I must be honest and say that I am no longer in the mood to tip toe around my kids pure foolishness. The more that I go beyond myself, the more that I see God moving but also see the enemy rise up in my child!!!!
Nonetheless, I TRUST GOD! I’m simply obeying the Spirit and I do not need your approval. I Dare you to pray with me, for me and for my children……..especially my lovely daughter.