Family Wisdom


I told my sons today that it is very important to tap into who God is for THEMSELVES…….

Ask God to bless them with an inside track so they are able to make the right choices and know when to go and when to stay as well…….

DISCERNING DOORS: Never feel ABANDONED by people who were never ordained nor connected to you in the first place .  One of the things we must focus on in 2013 is making the right connections.  New Connects with longevity and long-suffering.  They MUST decline & reject all SEASONAL relationships – WE ALL  have too much GREATNESS to ahead of me, so we won’t be able to stop, pause and concern myself  with confused emotions that’s haunting unstable people.

I love my sons….even when they do not listen –




Some Sunday Momentum


Encouragement: Take no prisoners. Whatever you are trying to accomplish next year, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Don’t allow pessimistic people to speak into your life. Stay focused, push forward and allow God to open up the path of GREATNESS for you to walk in. When man say you can’t, God said, “YOU CAN!” Tap into that greater power that already dwells within you. SEE IT!…BELIEVE IT!…ACCOMPLISH IT!