New Year – New Life


Are you planning to bring closure to the things in your life, that has held you captive in your mind; to a point it hindered you in major areas this year of 2012?

If your answer was yes; then write it on paper so you want miss anything. So many people miss important details, because they did not write it down. God wants you to know; if you’re sincere about going into the New Year with a clean slate, bring your burdens to the altar and leave them there.

Repent, for all wrong doing, and refuse to live your live another year in defeat. When you live any kind of way, you’re living in defeat! When a person is tired of traveling in the circle of life, around, and around the same old mountain, then they’ll be ready to speak to that mountain and tell it where to go; but you can’t speak being powerless.

In order to have the power of the Holy Ghost, you first have to repent, become saved, and ask the Holy Ghost to take up residence in your life. Then after the Holy Ghost has taken residence in your spiritual man, then you will receive power from on high (the Holy Ghost).

Just remember God want be Lord at all, if he can’t be Lord of all!