Feeling The Love –


It is great having family members regardless if they are blood line related to you or not…. However, the individuals that you deem as brother or sister who you share a Godly / Spiritual Bloodline with is even more blessed…. Having family that can pick you up in the spirit ….having family members that can / will and do greet you with SOOOO MUCH GENUINE LOVE is a blessing….

Nothing like seeing and having special moments with BROTHERS IN CHRIST that you have known and had a wonderful rapport with for YEARS and see that the relationship has never changed in any negative concepts.


It only seems to get BETTER…. Genuine love and mutual respect that just only makes you grin from ear to ear and hug one another and REMAIN SILENT but still manage to have an awesome Godly conversation is indeed….

PRICELESS……. Love my BIG BROTHERS!! Yes, I feel the love!