Tuesday Nightcap –


Nobody can push your buttons unless you give them your remote control. When in doubt, remember that God made you ON PURPOSE and FOR A PURPOSE!

A great deal of things that I may obtain a revelation for tends to transfer to some of my mentees for their own personal growth and development.

It is VERY important for us to be good examples in life…especiallly when we are a mentors!!!
1. The Bible speaks of examples…
a. Imitating those who are good examples – cf. 1Co 11:1; Php 3:17; He 13:7
b. Being a good example to others – cf. 1Ti 4:12

2. Such scriptures should cause one to wonder…
a. Who is my example, my role model as a Christian?
b. Whose example am I as a Christian?
c. What kind of example do I set as a Christian?

Being strong does NOT always mean that I have to fight the several battles that may come in front of me.. However, my inner true strength stands up FIRM AND STRONG remaining an adult because I understand how and why I need to walk away….


All things are NOT meant to be dealt with….let alone given attention to with a response.