Weight Loss Goal


Of course mostly everyone's New Year's assessment is always to lose weight right? Well I have actually started my journey way before January 1, 2013. I have been trying to SHED these last 25 pounds off of me and so far I have only lost 5! Most people say that having a work out partner is key but to each its own….. I have done better alone because I can focus and I am literally out of the gym 3 times a week in an hour flat.


I am STILL REJOICING though because those 5 pounds are bread sticks from The Olive Garden over the last few months hanging out with friends!

Oh wait, also my favorite Snackwell shortbread cookies as well……


Feels so good to actually feel and know God is doing a work in your life! Impossible for God to shift you and your whole life not experience it.

It’s the third week in January!!! What have you accomplished so far?!
‎13 days into 2013… Your life is destined to be Excellent…and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it! Jesus said, “It is Finished…” #NoMediocracy

“It took Solomon 13 years to build his own house and finally finished it” – 1King7:1….I hereby decree & declare that this 2013, you will finish whatsoever project you started.

No matter how long ago,…that which your parents did not accomplished, you will finish!…and YOU’LL DO MORE in Jesus name!


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