Loyalty –


Support The People That Support You! It’s fundamentally amazing how loyal people are to those who we have [never] done anything for them.
They simply enjoy being around you as well as the positive things that you have injected into their minds and spirits.

They aspire to be somewhat like you in different capacities via strength, business, better decision making etc..etc..etc..

Remember those who labour amongst you and be weary of the individuals who do not. One LOYAL friend is worth MORE than 10,000 untrustworthy relatives!

I certainly question everything, learn something and answer nothing to those who seem to care about ONLY my outer appearance instead of my inward process in this life-

Loyalty has a smell to it that only a few people rarely have – so when people say or I observe that they APPEAR to have tons of friends- I watch from a distance and wish them well.

Most people do not understand that a friend is someone who is there for you when they would actually rather be somewhere else!

Nonetheless, without acting as if their head is in the clouds……they placed their feelings aside, put their plans on on and their complaints and opinions in a box “for your” current emotional state! YEAH – that smells like a tad bit of Loyalty to me.