A Few Words Mean So Much

Patience with others is Love…….. Patience with self is Hope…… Patience with God is Faith


My son and I are indeed leaning on The Lord! I cannot guide him if I am not guided by The Father – Raising sons is a task that I cannot do alone. So far so good, thanks to JESUS! It is challenging at times but I manage!

We have forgotten what it means to wait upon God. Those that wait upon God hold to His standards. They know that they can not accomplish what God wants without God’s extraordinary grace. Because of this, they seek His face. They confess their sins.

They call upon the Name of the Lord. Worldliness has a specific term right now called pragmatism. We need to repent from this and wait upon God! I no longer continue to live my life by having GOOD ideas but waiting on God allows me to PRODUCE GOD IDEAS!