Helping Self...

Random Ministry Message


Just recall that back to your memory as you take 1 step forward into your destiny and the enemy is there day after day, time after time trying to set traps up for you. When the road(s) get tough, because they WILL, just praise God. The more that you say Yes Lord!, the more strength God will give you to endure. The More You Bless God, The More God Blesses You!


No matter how big or how small the problem is, God can fix it. There is nothing that God cannot heal! Be encouraged on today and know that this is only for a season. Don’t complain about what YOU may allow to happen in your life. You are in control of your own destiny. It is up to you, to PUSH your way through the hard struggles.


What exactly are you made of? Get to the House of The Lord and you will soon find out.  Make sure that you have people in your corner who can genuinely be there for you in your time (s) of need and maintain a few good accountability partners.

You know how we do…. we go through and want to leave the church! We blame the church, the saints and of course God! Look in the mirror sometimes and you will get the answer that you have searched for…… I am not saying that walking with Christ is a bed of roses! However, Faith makes things POSSIBLE, not EASY!


You may say that you desire to have your life sitting easy and pretty, but the truth of the matter is, you don’t! We all like a “good fight.”

So for another year that The Lord has kept you and brought you through to see 2013, Make a Convenant to stop complaining!

Dear ( ME )

Feeling Free


Music can do a great deal of things that a conversation CANNOT!

the word of God…..prayer….worship….His promises….strength….tears….joy…..peace….comfort……..forgivness…life….

Whew……im so grateful that God gave this man VISION and he obeyed so that the song could be birthed to heal many people in certain areas of our lives and i am GRATEFUL to be one of those recipients of God’s healings….

“to me”……music is God whispering in my ear! …what  a sweet melody this song is to my very soul!