L – E – N – T


Okay…. does everyone know that it is LENT SEASON? Does everyone know what LENT is?

Does everyone know what the Easter Bunny is?

Does everyone know what is in an Easter Basket?

Do kids know about the latest pop or rap song?

Do kids know about the latest techno and cell phone gadget?

Do kids know about the newest game on XBOX?

Do you know who wore what on the Oscars?

Do you know who had the most yards scored during the Super Bowl?

Do you know more about the world than about the things of CHRIST?

If you know about the Easter Bunny and do not have a CLUE about LENT then here is a QUICK informative session……

Lent is the period from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, during which Christians purify themselves by praying, fasting, repenting of their sins, and making changes and sacrifices in their lives. The final week of Lent is called Holy Week; during this period, observant Christians reflect specifically on the last days of Jesus Christ’s life.

Okay now you get it right? So PLEASE teach your kids about Lent….. but you learn and understand it for yourself too okay?

Oh by the way…. Happy LENT SEASON! I pray that you become better as the season goes along and really REFLECT on the things that ONLY YOU KNOW that you should be changing. This is not to CONDEM anyone but to just an inspirational message of awareness that we all may need from time to time… Much love and harmony be with you all…

Helping Self...

Had A Rough Day But…..


In the end you have to hold it together and BOUNCE BACK…….

Trust me…..Learning to BOUNCE BACK is definately a skill that must be learned over time…. from a crazy situation that happened to me last week until this afternoon – has literally caused so many MENTAL irritations for me. However, through it all –  I was still able to obtain PEACE AND FAVOR…..

No matter how my day starts or ends….I learn to bounce back because I made it through the day alive and in my right mind.

Things are hard word and dealing with family – friends and church folk can make you want to SCREAM… but I have indeed learned to always have the capaility to BOUNCE BACK.