Just Elated – “that’s all”….


The Lord is Blessing me in every direction but I had to go thru some severe tests and trails but praise God he brought me thru. You cannot depend on people but put all of your trust and confidence in God.

Now I’m reaping the benefits. Know that the devil cannot stop your Blessings from comming to you. Hold on and know that Your Miracle and your Blessing is on the way. The Secret is ” Praise God in ADVANCE” Be Watchful and Stay PRAYERFUL .

Every day that God allows us to wake up we should get up Praising and Thanking the Lord for blessing us to see another day. God will keep you in Perfect Peace if you keep your mind on him. There is nothing like the sweet peace of God reigning in your life. Stay in the Continued Atmosphere of Prayer and Praise and you will make it thru your trails.

The Joy of the Lord is your Strength. Psalms: 77…:14; You are God who performs wonders. You show Strength among the people. Your strength is in the Lord, Your Peace is in the Lord, Your Joy is in the Lord. God is the Bridge over troubled waters. ” Now put a smile on your face and the rest of this day allow nothing but Praise to flow from your lips”  Be Encouraged……

God promised not to put more on you than you can bear or he will make a way of escape. Remember your name is VICTORY. Be ENCOURAGED.


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