Too Bad –


Too bad people dont cheer for God like this when he does Wonderful, Amazing and Miraculous things like ……………ummmmm –

1. Wakes them up every morning, REGARDLESS of “what they did last night” or what they may be entangled with that “same day”

2.  Keep them as well as friends and family from all hurt, harm and danger in the NATURAL AND SPIRITUAL

3. Maintenance of their mind

4. Having the ability to use the activities of their own limbs

5. Have the ways and means to a sustainable life

6. The POWER of choice, whether the choices are right or wrong

7. For Grace to sin and be Forgiven

8. For the breath that is inhaled every mili – second

9. For the wants and desires that are still granted WHILE yet being soooooooooooo undeserving

10. Knowing the truth of being saved and personally experiencing God

Okay although I am already at Number 10 and coild EASILY continue onto at least 500 within the first hour of typing but my hand would clearly obtain a cramp and I am hoping that way before I or anyone else would have to type that much to show you / remind you of how blessed you are that you would GET THE POINT!

Cheer for the right things in life! >>>>  That is my “current” point…