BEFORE You Leave Part 1 –


Brethren, when members leave [the church] for insufficient reason, the fellowship of the church is broken, its witness is weakened, and the peace and unity of the congregation are sacrificed. Tragically, a superficial understanding of church membership undermines our witness to the gospel of Christ.

Thus in the end, the only sufficient reason for separating from a church is theological. A faithful Christian must separate from a congregation or denomination when that body obstinately rejects efforts at doctrinal correction over an issue of true significance.



BEFORE You Leave Part 2…….


Here are some things which must be done before one leaves a church:

1. We must check our motives very carefully.
2. Our reasons must be well grounded and clearly articulated.
3. We must be in regular, earnest prayer about the matter.
4. We must guard our tongues very carefully.
5. We must be extremely careful that we do not unnecessarily create unrest in other members.
6. Our discussions with the leadership must be characterized by love.
7. Our attempts to correct matters must be with great respect, care and patience.
8. If our concern is over personal preferences, and not biblical matters, we must consider others’ interests more important than ours.
9. Great care should be taken that we submit to the leadership of the church, unless we decide with proper counsel that there is a serious biblical issue at stake.
10. If the leadership will listen, we need to give them plenty of time to consider the matter.
11. If the leadership will not listen to us, or will not take proper action to correct the matter and we are thoroughly convinced that there is a serious biblical issue, we should ask for a meeting of the church in which to express our concerns.
12. We should ask ourselves what we have personally done to correct any wrong or deficiency in the church with which we are concerned.
13. We should evaluate if our leaving would do harm to an otherwise good church.
14. We should never leave, nor encourage others to leave, unless we are thoroughly convinced that one or both of the following conditions exist: 1) that the church has become an apostate church (where serious unbiblical teaching or practices are allowed), or 2) that we are convinced that, over the long haul, we cannot find a place to serve in the church, or that our families will not be spiritually fed in that body.


Super Random –


Fact: 90% of people who leave a church they have been committed to a number of years do not leave for the reasons of church leaders as they claim. They leave because they don’t want to accept the responsibility of what has occurred in their lives as a result of some bad choices they have made.

Yet the church gets the blame. Wow what a burden to carry and a tragedy that the church was good enough to help you all those years without asking you for a thing in return yet you quit and yes on the same God who you claim sent you there because leaders won’t bow down to the foolishness we dish out time after time, but yet the world we live in you accept them everyday..

( thanks shdonna )

 The enemy is always watching your mouth to see what words of negativity you will release so he’ll have something to do by your own fault, but remember you have angels waiting to be employed too. Go ahead, speak to your mountain NOW. You’ve got the power!