Super Random –


Fact: 90% of people who leave a church they have been committed to a number of years do not leave for the reasons of church leaders as they claim. They leave because they don’t want to accept the responsibility of what has occurred in their lives as a result of some bad choices they have made.

Yet the church gets the blame. Wow what a burden to carry and a tragedy that the church was good enough to help you all those years without asking you for a thing in return yet you quit and yes on the same God who you claim sent you there because leaders won’t bow down to the foolishness we dish out time after time, but yet the world we live in you accept them everyday..

( thanks shdonna )

 The enemy is always watching your mouth to see what words of negativity you will release so he’ll have something to do by your own fault, but remember you have angels waiting to be employed too. Go ahead, speak to your mountain NOW. You’ve got the power!