I’m A Sucker!


Ugggggh! I never thought that I would be a customer via an info mercial…  lol Proactive!!!!

However, this product has been on television for soooooooooooo long and tons of regular people as well as stars via Hollywood have been spokesmen, so why not try it!!! Ummmmm……. Right?


I pray that this works or …it is going back!!!!! I’m soooooooooooo serious, so here’s to Healthier Skin!


  1. Ive been using proactiv forever and wont go without it. However I dont use the whole set. I found it dried my skin in patches. Now I only use the cleanser- step 1- once a day. Works like a charm!!! Kat

    1. Hey Girlie…

      This is my second day using it and Step 1 cleanses and makes all the dirt AND everything else that kind of looks estraterestrial oooooze out of my face which is great BUT that is the one that leaves my face feeling like a dry rock in the Arizona desert!!!

      Step 2, the revitalizing toner makes me feel the dirt being scrapped from my face but it feels good and I feel very purged in my face and it helps take some of the very dry feeling that Step 1 left me.

      Step 3, ummm when it first goes on, I soooooooooooo dont like because it feels like thick icky and yucky LOTION but the more I smooth it out…it quickly thins out… (Thank you Jesus)

      My face now feels very clean..it has relaxed me and MENTALLY, I am assuming that this Prouduct called Proactive may just work and bless my skin!!!

      We shall see girl!!!

      1. Praying it works for you!!! The whole treatment didnt dry me out at first so just in case it does that to you down the road try step 1 alone to see if it helps. Right now im using Boots no.7 light moisturizer. Its perfect. And I got the spa cleanser brush from Sigma a few weeks ago. I really like it so far but want to give it a good couple months before I do a review. Also: 100% Extra virgin coconut oil works miracles for healing acne if you havent tried it!

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