Thought 4 The Morning –


Responses to Personal Criticism…………………..
We will all be criticized at one time or another. Sometimes justly, sometimes unjustly. Sometimes others’ criticism of us is harsh and undeserved. Sometimes we may need it. How do we respond to criticism? I haven’t always done well and I’m still learning, but here are a few things I try to think of when others criticize me. (Be quick to hear).
(James 1:19) This can be hard to do because our emotions rise up and our minds begin to think of ways to refute the other person. To be quick to hear means we really do try to listen to and consider what the other person is saying. We don’t just write it off. Even if it seems unjust or undeserved. (Be slow to speak).
(James 1:19) Don’t interrupt or respond too quickly. Let them finish. If you speak too quickly, you might speak rashly or in anger. (Be slow to become angry). Why? Because , James 1:19-20 says the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
Anger won’t make someone do the right thing. Remember, God is slow to anger, patient and long-suffering with those who offend him.  How much more should we be?