I Have Enough Hats!


Soccer Mom

Tennis Mom ……yeah he plays!

Basketball Mom……yeah he plays!

Chess Mom……..yeah he plays!

Baseball Mom….yeah he plays!!

Tenor Saxophone Mom…..yeah he plays!

Mothers and sons really do have a unique relationship. Mothers are as much  responsible for how their sons are raised as fathers, and while it should be a  great time in your life to grow a young man, it should not be taken lightly. 


Mothers are really the key to how your son will treat his wife one day! Knowing  your balance in the relationship and keeping open communication are so  important.

Really, your son is taking all sorts of mental notes about how you  react to him and others, and he is learning more than you think!



  1. HI, I don’t know if you are a single mother, but I am and my son has neither his bio father (wants nothing to do with him) nor a step father in his life(I’m to scared to go the marriage route again). But all you say is true and I thank you for it 🙂

    • Hey Claudia!!!!

      Yes indeed I am a single parent and have been basically sonce my son was about 2. Nonetheless, dont allow the fact that you do EVERYTHING get you down OR discourage you from getting married again.

      Its unfortunate but we are not the only single mom’s in the universe, let alone divorced. Its life and you grow and move on. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAS THAT ENOUGH EXCLAMATION POINTS???

      BUT YES, when there are kids involved never think of it as harder but MORE SO just different.

      Remember, the kids didnt ask to come into the world….

      My son has some of the same feelings as your son via his father but they come and go.

      Regardless of what your son’s father do too much of OR not enough of…NEVER talk bad about him to your son. Im not saying that you do, im just giving a heads up thats all. Your son may feel like he does for a while but know those feelings stem from pain and hurt and at the END OF THE DAY, he still loves his dad.

      Another added portion of our job is to sincerely pray that the father steps into his role and be a man and a father… Prayer works….it gets VERY tiresome but remember who you / we are doing it for..

      our kids happiness…

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