A Little Weird and Disturbing


My son had a basketball game LAST weekend and he accidentally was kocked in the face by an opposed teammate.

It was an accident..no big..basketball is a very contact sport..etc..etc.. etc..etc..

My issue is and what I personally found Weird and Disturbing is that with how my son’s fave looks…. it would appear to LOOK AS IF MAYBE HE WAS PUNCHED IN THE FACE / EYE!!!!

However, not ONE single teacher, principal, security guard, bus driver or even a student even asked let alone noticed!!!!

I told my son, God forbid if i lived a double life right? Jesus …..this is just off and what if I was beating you at home my son….its sad that no one even cares or noticed your face!!!

I am SURE They are assuming everything is alright because either of the following::

I show up at every PTA Meeting, we both dress well, you are a good student, you are nice kid, I volunteer at your school etc., I have a good reputation etc.etc.
That is horrible I expressed to him! My son is a child like a few others that o heard and read about via bruising very easily ever since he was about 4 I notoced it. However, observe better how about that??!!!!

Nonetheless, the one’s who look like or seem as of they are sooooooooo perfect or toooooooo perfect are sometimes the Jason Bates, Jeffrey Daumer’s and Ted Bundy’s on the down low!!

I feel like ummmm… can someone even NOTICE that he APPEARS to have a mark on his face and under his eye lid PLEASE???



6 thoughts on “A Little Weird and Disturbing

    1. A Woman and Her Pen! Post author

      Thanks sooooooo much my friend!

      His face still looks a tad bit crazy but he is okay and ready for TWO MORE basketball games tomorrow and ONE soccer game!! Lol


      1. addercatter

        Yeah… I think those types of injuries can make us mommies feel worse than the kiddos. My son is like that also. He won’t let anything stop him from playing whatever sport happens to be going on at the time!

  1. addercatter

    Wow. That IS disturbing. It is very dangerous for the adults in our childrens lives to assume anything based on what they perceive the childrens home lives to be. Abuse happens behind closed doors… any family can seem almost perfect to the world outside…
    I hope the lil guy’s eye heals quickly. The same thing happened to my son about a month ago only it was a knot on the head. Kat

    1. A Woman and Her Pen! Post author

      Awww thanks soo much girly….

      I understand boys can be rough but with no one even saying anything was a shockwr.

      Its like thank you for not assumming that I am not beating my son but how about still asking me ya know!!!!

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