Pick A Size!!! Blahh!!


Well, I sure do wish that my body would pick a size and STOP torturing me.. I mean like seriously!

I wear literally 3 different sizes in clothing and im just sooooooo over it right now.. im in such a mood and have been for the last 2 months! Ugggghhhh!!! Lord help me..

Size 10


Depending on how narrow…. (pencil skirt) I want the hip area of my dress…. Also the designers style and cut as well..  However, I HATE even wearing a double digit in ANYTHING. .. do you understand me? I mean I dont own that many Size 10’s…..  So maybe I should just calm down a bit…

Size 8


This is my TRUE size..which I still don’t care for as well. I know that I am being super duper MENTAL, but honey once you are able to get your body into certain sizes…you loathe ANY OTHER size that you feel that isn’t becoming to you.

Size 6


Last year when I saw that I was able to BUY AND ACTUALLY FIT into a Size 6 -….. listen, I broke down and started CRYING in the fitting room! Whew, I can still recall the first time!!! Lol

So please do say a CONSTANT (im soooo very  serious) prayer for me because now to me, even a Size 8 is alright but not good enough for me.

I jyst Blame my hips…..butt and thighs!! Who wants to be a size 8 when I can fit into SOME size 6’s, right??? Lol

For anyone who is a size 10 or higher…. I am in NO WAY being insensitive to those sizes in women…..I am only speaking in which I feel about myself and MY OWN weight loss struggles…


Uuuggggghhhh!!!!!! Im about to actually take my temporal big legs…thighs and butt to the GYM!

Well Ummm……

Dear Lord, can I have liposuction as soon as possible please? In Jesus Name….

Best Regards,
V.D. Coleman