Grint – Smile and Bare It….


Obey those who have rule over you. Do not provoke your leaders to anger unless you want wrath to come upon you by being disobedient. Don’t make excuses-execute. Don’t justify wrong, good leaders will be a lot more understanding if you admit you made a mistake and fix it.
Don’t play with your bosses, don’t envy them, and do not judge everything they do harshly but seek to understand their motive and reasoning. ~I’ve never seen a good outcome to disloyal servants~Real leaders cry and fall to their knees daily!~
It is your responsibility to raise the bar. You should not be found on the level of the people your leading in character, ethics, or judgement. The babes in this walk wants to control how things are done.
Intruders want to destroy the right standards to fit their comfort level, and the idle just want to have something to do without a true commitment. It doesn’t work that way! You don’t conform you perform. ~This fire isn’t going anywhere but to burn up everything that doesn’t line up  with the way, truth, and light!~