Life Riddle


Here is a riddle that I sat and shared with my son… he got the moral of the story and was amazed! Lol

… …… ……….
A woman was driving down the road on a nice sunny day from a anmal shelter from adopting another pet.

She noticed that something was in the street crawling slowly so she pulled over, she wasn’t afraid because she was a well known animal lover.

Lo and behold, it was a snake. She felt that she knew enough about snakes because of what she read about over the years and what she learned on her childhood farm.

She always wanted to have a snake for a pet, especially since she decided to move into a rural area.

So she nursed the snake back to health and before long, the snake was growing, moving fast and seemed very content.

One Sunday morning, the snake bit the woman and as she was quickly dying from the poisonous venom released from her snake, she mumbled from the snake, she screamed and said that he wasn’t supposed to be able to harm her.

The snake said, oh you must be thinking of my family member who looks JUST like me! However,the ONLY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE is that… I bite and he does not!!

She said well why would you bite me knowing that you could end up killing me? The snake said because I was made and built for this.

The lady said but its not fair because I stopped and picked you up from the street, took care of you and if it wasn’t for me, you would be dead right now.

The snake said, well maa’am I was created for one thing….I did another and God has cursed me ever since.

Therefore, I am going to live my life completely tricking people into thinking that I am something that I am not because it will make it easier for me to do my purpose here on earth.

She said well what might that be?

The snake quickly kill and destroy any and everyone who is foolish enough to stop, pick me up and pay me any kind of attention!

The woman started staring at the snake and looking very puzzled….

Which the snake started quickly reminding her that it was her that chose to stop the car and bring him into her home because of your LOVE for animals!

So although you are dying right now, I want to say thank you for assisting me with my PURPOSE and killing you!!

People, see why it is important to know your purpose? … will surely adjust your decision making and thought process!