Another Random –


Some lessons in life are most effective when taught by experience. Allow your experiences to make you better, not bitter. Bitterness just takes a toll on your mind – body  – soul as well as your spirit! It is NOT worth it….
Leave some mystery to your life! I say this and giggle at some of my girl pals and boy pals when they complain that people write negative things to them on these social networking sites… LOL
Well MY REPLY to all of them was hmmmm….Why do people posting, sharing, tweeting& taking pictures of every single moment in your life?
Anyway…… Greatness can not be measured by what  you acquire or what you have. Greatness is measured by who you are. Character and Integrity is worth everything.
It’s hard to convince people that you love God, when you are mean to people. God is love……SO BE NICE!
What God has for you, it is for you. Nobody can change God’s mind about you….remember that! Nonetheless,
I am expecting God to do something unexpected. Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you can ask or think.

Random Thoughts of Friends


Good friends are not just kind to you; they are kind to others as well. They are  affable and smile a lot. This makes their personal interactions relaxed and  enjoyable. People like being around them because they are positive people. The  kindness they spread emanates from of happiness and  self-confidence.

As a friend, you look forward to your next encounter with  people who show these qualities. In contrast, social aggression, such as  meanness, is a quality that demonstrates lack of respect for others and  discontent with oneself. These feelings outwardly manifest and eventually  prevent communications and genuine friendships from forming.

Although honesty is important to friendships, it may be one of the most  difficult qualities to keep up. When you ask a friend for honesty, she may  prefer preserving the peace over telling you what she really thinks. But honesty  promotes trust. In the absence of trust, confidence erodes and communication is  strained.Good friendships are unlikely to survive. A good friend cares enough to  tell you the truth and has enough confidence in the relationship to be  assured of a positive outcome.

Good friends are easy to talk to because they accept your warts and all. They  understand the things that are important to you and the values that you hold.  Although they may not necessarily agree with all of your beliefs and actions,  they will never judge you. People who can accept you also are better able to  accept themselves. High self-esteem and self-acceptance are intertwined.

Friends  who feel good about themselves are not afraid to be vulnerable with others. They  allow others into their lives and are able to develop intimate connections.


I Am Currenting Loving New York Legislation


If New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets his way, stores won’t be able to publicly display tobacco products and will have to keep cigarettes under the counter or behind curtains.

The legislation announced today is the latest public-health crackdown by the mayor, whose ban on super-sized sugary soft drinks was shot down by a judge last week.

no smoking

The proposed law would “prohibit display of tobacco products” in most retail shops,. “Such displays suggest smoking is a normal activity and invite young people to experiment with tobacco.” It would be the first of its kind in the nation.

A second law would impose new rules to make it harder to sell smuggled cigarettes.

These laws would protect New Yorkers, especially young and impressionable New Yorkers. The New York Association of Convenience Stores, which has 1,600 members, called the proposed ban on displays “absurd” but I totally agree with Mayor Michael Bloomberg seriously.

He said he hoped the City Council would reject the bill after it’s introduced later this week. If it passes, the National Association of Tobacco Outlets predicts it will be overturned by the courts.

Sara Palin mocked Mayor Bloomberg via banning certain sized soft drinks….but she just wants to stay relevant…


YES!!! There are a great deal of people who DISAGREE with the government being able to get involved like this…. A great deal of them are indeed talking about a basic right under the Constitution.  They also feel that if you do this with cigarettes and tobacco products, what else is going to have to be out of view? Wine and spirits? It’s a very slippery slope. Well I look at it like this, yes the government is saying or at least trying to wean people from smoking – drinking and a hosts of other things and I think that it is a good idea.

If I was an insurance company and I would raise the premiums on people that smoke etc….so then what? Are you going to KEEP your medical insurance or drop it because you do not agree? You want to smoke and if you get sick..get lung diseases / cancer now you want the insurance carrier to pay for TONS of testing and expensive treatments because of a PERSONAL BAD HABIT that you chose to do that is not good for your health!!!!

New York City officials, though, said the point of the display ban isn’t to prevent kids from buying cigarettes, which is already illegal; the idea is that lowering exposure to the products reduces the chances a young person will try smoking in the first place.

new york sign

Mayor Bloomberg has made public-health campaigns a hallmark of his administration and boasted that life expectancy in the city is up three years since 2001. He has also crusaded against salt in restaurant foods and junk food in vending machines and required calorie counts on fast-food menus.

A new policy sharply limiting the sale of 16-ounce sugary drinks was supposed to take effect last week, but a judge put a stop to it, ruling it was arbitrary and capricious.


Things I Teach My Kid NOT To Do…..

It is VERY easy for kids to give in to peer pressure…..and things like this is how someone can get hurt badly.


It is amazing what some people will do THINKING that they are indeed invincible… sorry, but you are not!

I do not care even if they double dare him…I remind him and show him jacked up things like this to remind him all of the reasons why he should NOT give in to the temptations of his friends and finding ways to fit in and be cool. Trying to fit in these days seem to get kids his age and older KILLED more likely than hurt…. He understood and I am glad!