Another Random –


Some lessons in life are most effective when taught by experience. Allow your experiences to make you better, not bitter. Bitterness just takes a toll on your mind – body  – soul as well as your spirit! It is NOT worth it….
Leave some mystery to your life! I say this and giggle at some of my girl pals and boy pals when they complain that people write negative things to them on these social networking sites… LOL
Well MY REPLY to all of them was hmmmm….Why do people posting, sharing, tweeting& taking pictures of every single moment in your life?
Anyway…… Greatness can not be measured by what  you acquire or what you have. Greatness is measured by who you are. Character and Integrity is worth everything.
It’s hard to convince people that you love God, when you are mean to people. God is love……SO BE NICE!
What God has for you, it is for you. Nobody can change God’s mind about you….remember that! Nonetheless,
I am expecting God to do something unexpected. Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you can ask or think.