Payday doesn’t only come in the form of currency…(although currency is greatly needed) but learning to look at the things of life as non spending currency!!

It can be things like….

My kids living for God with NO regrets in doing so

My daughter remembering how special she is and no longer trying to obtain love in all the WRONG place

My son realizing that how he acts off of the football field is just as important

My siblings being genuine and on one accord

My immediate family making my mother’s heart glad

My life feeling like it’s a journey instead of a war zone

My mother having good health and being blessed to live a long life

My ten year old son understanding Christian conduct

My mind staying fixed on my purpose

My friends being and staying loyal

My enemies being my foot stool

My educational goals all met

My career shifting based upon God’s favor

My decision making will be pleasing unto God

Ummmmm….. I could write forever but I cant wait til my payday!!! How about you..