A Job That YOU Choose


Raising children is one of the hardest, stressful, emotionally challenging, roller coaster, up and down, highs and lows experience that you could CHOOSE to embark upon on!

Ummm…..but it has the capability to be the MOST rewarding job that you can have….


Trying to rear them with good morals, ethics, stances, principles, values and compassion can make you wonder why no one ever forewarned you of how impossible some of these tasks could actually be!


It does have it’s pro’s and con’s like everything else else in life but it can be worth your time, emotions AND finances! LOL

Especially when your kids turn out even HALF of what you would like, so when they are far exceeding your desires for them… You are surely on #Cloud9


Thinking Randomly….


Most people can be defined from a multiplicity of things in life….. However, im thinking in a nutshell… these could be the main two phrases that I think of in regards to myself –

My own patience when I have nothing….

My own attitude when I have everything….