Birds of A Feather, MAYBE?

My son and I attended a drug and social media seminar and I took this photo of him as he was listening to the speakers and the Powerpoint presentation.

It was NOT until I looked at this photo this morning I pinched myself…. I realized how much that I am rubbing off on my son  – I guess you would have to know me as well as be around me PERSONALLY to understand what I am talking about.

I was groomed MOSTLY by men from my father…. to his brothers….to his sister’s husband…to males at work and church…to my older male friends…. so yeah.. I AM A BIT INTENSE sometimes…..

I joke with people all the time and tell them that some days I have on PANTS up under my SKIRT because being a single parent and raising a BOY is a whole different ball game. It almost forces you to be in “prep mode” all the time!

Do I look like a person who would BITE your head off? LOL Well, hmmm… I will just say that ” I NO LONGER ” try to bite! LOL I have learned self control…… However, I am CONSTANTLY always asking God to show me balance and show me when to be strict / hard v.s. soft and lenient.

The goal for women should be to be tough when needed…. but NEVER HARD – we are women – gentle flowers…creatures and no one want to be with or be around a HARD WOMAN!  I am grateful that I have “found the balance” that I need.