My Doggie Voyage Continues –


YES!! I am STILL in search of finding the “almost perfect dog” for me and my son….. I have yet to discover one – my male friends tell me NOT to get one via my personality… “Whatever that means”… LOL

But anyway, here are a few things that people HAVE TRIED to explain to me in my VOYAGE to conquer my fear over dogs….

Always approach a dog without looking at him or paying any attention to him. If the dog is barking at you or approaches you, keep doing what you are doing and pay NO ATTENTION to this dog. ( REALLY?? )


First, do you see the face of this dog in the photo? Okay that is why I paid NO ATTENTION when they advised me that any barking dog will start to realize that you mean no harm to him and his barking does not intimidate you. ( REALLY?)  If you show your fear, he will sense your weakness and do whatever is in his power to make you feel scared. Dogs like this are usually terrified of you and are barking at you to cover up their insecurities.

Okay….. NEXT!!!!


Dogs can sense your fear. If you are scared of a dog, on some cases that dog will be somewhat timid of you. The best way to get over your fear is to find somebody that you know who has a really friendly dog. I mean real sensitive and submissive dog and just take it for a walk.


Just have your friend put on the leash for you and just walk over there and pick up the leash with a high level of confidence and take the dog outside and just walk him.

When you have that leash in your hand that is the first step into overcoming your fear. Be real confident and be in command and just go walking. If the dog is well trained, then it will follow you and come to realize that you are his pack leader.

UMM……. I have been trying to get a dog for my son for 3 years now and I cannot find a  dog to do what I need it to do! Whew, the things that I do for my son!!!

So the search continues!!! My son will NOT want a dog by the time I may get over my fears to get one!!!