Kid Random –


Thinking of EVERYTHING big and small that I have gone through in regards to my 19 1/ 2 year old twins…. I NOW look at it all in a different light…….. ( well I am least trying to )

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it back…. So when my life seems to be dragging me BACK in regards to the up and down moments with my kids and the emotional – mental and spiritual DIFFICULTIES “that I feel” that they have brought me and my 10 1/2 year old son -….. Love them but they CONTINUE to be and act so “interesting”….

Soooooo interesting (well ugly is really what I mean ) that I question if “they are really mine”….. ( im so serious )

Hmmmmmm… NOW I know that it means that MY ARROW is going to launch me into something great….

So until then, I will focus and keep on aiming on the prize which is to maintain a relationship through the craziness that they BOTH indeed continuously bring! Only GOD can show Mother’s how to love disrespectful kids!