More Things I Tell My Son NOT To Do –

Of course he is a boy so he has a few friends that are skateboarders… BUT – I do not allow him to go over there houses for sleep overs because as you know…. regardless how many times that you WARN your kids about how they can get hurt… it literally goes into 1 ear and runs right out the next!

I swear, some things that BOYS do is just utterly mind boggling….. Why are they such dare devils? Why do they attempt soooo many things that can be damaging to their health? It is very alarming…… im so serious!

I am “” so over “” people telling me and I even hear it from other fathers….. oh let him be a boy…. or boys will be boys.. The kinds of things that teenagers as well as pre – teenagers try to get themselves into these days are rather STRANGE and frightening all at the same time!!

Welp, I will let him be a boy because of course he was born a boy so he is already won!! LOL  – Also, the pranks that these kids come up with is just crazy! I could NOT imagine being a child in this day in age…. I really wish that my almost 11-year-old was going into high school this year…….

Nonetheless, like the picture above, if their son participated in this stunt and it harmed their testicles and PREVENTED them from ever being able to produce sperm to have THEIR OWN CHILD……. then I am sure their tune would change! I am a very pro-active parent and I do not wait for things to happen before I say… I wish that …. If things could have been….. Oh why me…

You do not say about your daughter that…oh she is just being a teenager and has a crush on a boy…let her be! Or do you QUICKLY try to sit her down and talk to her about The BIRDS and The BEES???  (that is MY whole point)

Granted I CANNOT prevent everything…..but the things that you can prevent or at least warn your children about – you should!

Okay – I am done!  LOL