Random Son Moment –


I’m capable of doing many things well, but MY PRIDE and accomplishment is that I be capable of loving my son greatly for he is the one thing that matters most to me. (besides Christ)

My son is my great joy, he is my peace when I feel anxious, my purity when I feel confused, my angel when I feel my great need for salvation.

I love the son who saved my soul from anger, who filled my heart with forgiveness and who blessed my mind with hope.

We are all God’s beloved children, sons and daughters whom God loves so much. We are not orphans without their father or mother.  We have in God more than a parent who provides for our material needs, but a Father who provides for our good for all eternity.

Dear ( ME )

Taking One For The Team –


Am I feel like being an  “outside mom….” NO”

Do I feel like getting dirty…. “NO”

Do I feel like going home after a long day to change to play ball…..”NO”

Do I feel that I should spend all of my free time with my son….”NO”

Do I feel like always having to make sacrafices…..”NO”

Do I feel like taking advantage of this warm weather for baseball….”NO”

But I do it for TEAM COLEMAN – It is indeed NOT about if a person “FEELS like it” it is about “if you CARE”……and of course I care for my love muffin! Lol


Long Distance Pals


If you are like most of us in this world, you can probably count your closest friends on one hand. So realizing that you have lost touch with all, or even one of your friends, is quite unsettling. But the fact is, time and distance have a way of putting dents in relationships that you once thought would never end. Life becomes very busy after high-school or college.

Without conscious effort, work, husbands, families, pets, and hobbies begin to take precedence over old friendships and become excuses as to why we don’t keep in touch.

But let’s face it, our lives are fuller with friends! And although we become busier and busier every day, it’s a fact that we can be close with our friends, even if they live far away.

MOST of my friends live in other states and I have made it my mission for this WHOLE 2013 SUMMER to go and visit all of them – even if its just for a 4 day weekend….. Relationships lasts because we put in the work for them to do so!

Helping Self...

Starting Your Day Right >>>


Get it out of the way. Often when we wake up disgruntled it’s because we know that the day holds at least one chore we’re not happy about doing. So just do it. Get it out of the way and over with. The whole rest of the day will be spent with a feeling of relief instead of overhanging guilt.

Count your blessings – Yeah, I know – it sounds like sermonizing. But when we are feeling down it is because we’re letting the negatives outweigh the positives. Making a list of the positives reminds us that all is not misery. While you’re at it, make a list of the things you like about yourself. You can throw the paper away if you like – but remember those good things when the bad seems to be descending.

Look for that silver lining. It may sound Pollyanna-like, but in almost every situation there is a bright spot. It may be miniscule compared to everything else that seems to be pressing on you – but it is there. Find it. Concentrate on it.

If you can’t find it alone, call a friend and let them help you to search for the good aspects. Friends often have to listen to us bemoaning things – think how pleasant a change it will be for them to help you focus on the positive.




Name five people that you love. Take a few minutes to call one of them, or send them a postcard. Promise yourself that you will treat the next person on the list tomorrow.