Note To Self –


Just because someone knows how to spell your name doesn’t mean they know you. Therefore,  worrying on what people say or think about you does NOT matter to you! Worry reminds should remind you of a set of rocking chairs….. They gives you something to do but they absolutely take you no where!

Be happy…be free.. love yourself… respect your time….honor God….support others…stay loyal….etc..etc…

Lord I thank you that I can see myself, not as I am right now, but what I’m going to be. I may not feel it now, I may not have it now, but I see myself coming out of this trial stronger and better than I was before. Glory be to God!!!!!!

By the way, When you walk into God’s presence you have no other choice but to change, your heart your thinking, your plans, because God has a better plan for you to do, open up your hands so God can fill them with greatness that God can only do through you.