Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

Made My Son Watch This –



A Beautiful Woman –


A beautiful woman uses her lips for TRUTH

A beautiful woman uses her voice for KINDNESS

A beautiful woman uses her ears for COMPASSION

A beautiful woman uses her hands for CHARITY

A beautiful woman uses her mind to make right CHOICES

A beautiful woman uses her strength toward women for UPLIFTING

A beautiful woman uses her heart for LOVE

A beautiful woman knows for all the people who treats her unjustly needs PRAYER

A beautiful woman uses her wisdom to understand the power of FORGIVENESS

Today’s Sudden Observation


Difficulties in my life don’t come to destroy me but really to help me realize MY hidden potential in certain areas that I may need to improve in.

Im here to set my OWN thermometer and set the tome, the atmosphere so things are conducive for me since God did grant me the power and the awesome authority to do so!

Marathons Will Not Be The Same…



3 People died 176 hurt, several families touched and thousands of bystanders’ mental state changed forever……..



Things That Makes Sense…


Characterize people by their ACTIONS and indeed their actions will never be able to fool me again!!! Lol

Gosh, I do tickle myself and I love getting epiphanies while im in a mini storm…..

It almost makes me wanna kick myself reallllllllly hard like….Girl, how did you miss that? (seriously)

Then I tell myself, ……Self you got distracted for those FEW moments. …seconds…minutes. ….so “fix that”….

I will surely continue to Love God and I surely love Me!