Dear Love-


The bond that a child develops with his mother can never be severed. You grew as  an organism inside me for nine months. I carried you and sustained you,  sharing my sustenance with you through your umbilical cord. When you are born  the cord is severed. It is never severed in her heart. That bond lasts forever.  As we grow up we become our own people and may come to forget that woman, which is me….  (LOL)  who  nurtured and loved you. But remember this, I will never forget you and never  stop loving you.

I would do just about anything you’d ask, For you there’s nothing I wouldn’t  do, there’s no such task.

I would walk without my shoes to the end of the  Earth, I would give up anything I had to, to teach you self worth. I  would hold your hand every minute of every day, But I won’t because I know  you need to find your own way. I would surely bear the heartache of your  first love that’s real, Even though I can’t, I will naturally feel as you  feel.


I would do almost anything (legal) if it would keep you happy forever, I would  give my right arm to keep us forever together.  I would run a hundred  miles up-hill in the rain, Just to guarantee that you will never feel  pain. I would laugh with you even if I was sad, I will give you a  smile even if I’m mad.

I can only accept your mistakes with a grin on my  face, I will guide you in correcting them, but at your own pace. I  will guide you through life, as this world can get quite wild, Just don’t you  ever forget that you will always be my child.

Oh by the way…. thanks so much for helping me “grow up” in certain areas as well as being patient with me!


Encouraging Myself –


The difficult teen will do things their own way, in their own time, regardless  of your wishes or schedule.
The good teen will do what you ask, when you ask,  even though they may complain a little.
It’s easy to love a good  child.

The difficult teen will try your patience and understanding every  day.  They will challenge the depths of your love, the core of your soul  numerous times throughout each day, until you wonder if you have any strength  left.  The good teen will try your patience and understanding from time to  time. They will challenge your ability to see just how many extracurricular  activities you can cram into each day, until you wonder if you have any energy  left.
It’s easy to love a good child.

The difficult teen will sneak  out of the house at night to buy drugs, only to have the police knock at your  door at 3am on a work night so you can come down to the station to pick them up.  They’ve been arrested.
The good teen will sneak out of the house at night (on  a weekend) to TP the soccer coach’s house after a big win, only to go back to  the coaches house the next morning.  To help clean up.
It’s easy to love a  good child.


The difficult teen will skip school, even when you drop them  off out front and watch them walk inside.  No matter how hard a parent tries to  help or force a child, the difficult teen may not graduate from High School.   The difficult teen won’t be going off to college.  The good teen might  consider skipping a class or two, but doesn’t want to get caught. A parent  doesn’t have to make an effort to keep a good kid in school. The good teen  ponders which college they should attend.
It’s easy to love a good  child.

The difficult teen is often withdrawn from family.  They don’t  smile a lot, they don’t get real enthusiastic about much. A parent’s heart breaks  a little more every day.  The good teen is often tells family about things  that happened during their day.  They smile and laugh a lot, and are enthusiastic  about a lot of things. A parent’s heart soars a little more every day.
It’s  easy to love a good child.

So many people give up on the difficult teen.   Write them off as being unworthy of their efforts.  Distrust, because they don’t  understand.  Give up because it’s the easiest thing to do.  So many people  cheer for the good teen.  Try to help them in any way they can. Trust them,  because it’s not hard to do so.  Encourage them to succeed because they seem to  want to.
It’s easy to love a good child.


It’s easy to love the good  teen.  The parent’s of them, thank God their life is going as planned.  That  they have good children to love. Sure, a parent loves their good teen  unconditionally. But they haven’t really had to put that to the test.  They  haven’t had to test the limits of their understanding and forgiveness.  Their  souls and faith are intact because they haven’t been shattered. Do they realize  that the most important things in life are the little things? The path of the  good teen may not be exactly what a parent would have chosen, but they know that  everything will turn out all right.
It’s not easy to love the difficult teen.  But I thank God for  them, for without the difficult teens, how can we possibly understand what  unconditional love really is?  How would we know just how deeply we can love,  and how easily we can forgive?  How would we otherwise test the endurance of our  souls, the depths of our faith?  How else would we realize just how strong we  really are?  How else would we know what is TRULY important in life.

The path  of the difficult teen may not be what a parent would have chosen, but it is the  hand that they were dealt.


A Quick – Parenting Moment


As parents the most important aspect of growing as a parent is not how well you provide for your children, nor how you have them in check but rather what you pray and need to pray for your children.

Make time to pray for your family members each day.  Pray that your children have faith and not fear and most importantly that they have the fear of the Lord.

Life is the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life. Day to  day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world’s creatures. As  human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to  react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never  come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision the we make has  significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire  universe.

Children are the ultimate gift to two people who love each other and the  ultimate inconvenience to parents that don’t. There is no bigger responsibility,  and yet a relationship with a child can bear the greatest rewards. Children  intuitively know when they are wanted and when they are not. The way that they  raised from the cradle will affect the people they will become. There is a  famous saying that children spell love T I M E. There may be many compelling  reasons why you cannot be with your children but none of them can replace time.  It is gone forever.



Random Thought on Heros


A hero to me is not just a person who died for there country or went inside a  burning building or stuff like that.
A hero to me is a single mother who  survives everyday by herself.
A teenager against all odds getting through  life.
An alcoholic walking into a rehab center.
A father being not just  a father but a friend, a caregiver, supporter, a brick wall for his kids.
A  friend who no matter what or how wrong you are standing up for you and taking  your side. A hero who no matter how hard they are being hit or pushed or beat  down,
no matter how bad they are emotionally or physically or  psychologically they stand up and keep going.
They push through the pain of  life, love, kids, work, school, drugs, sports, parents, heartbreak, alcohol
A person who isn’t just there, but is there living,  breathing, and surviving…  TO ME that to me is a hero.


My Son


My son, I am here I cannot protect you From the world.

My son, I am here I can only love you No matter what…..

My son, I am here My love unconditional On this you can rely

My son, I am here To guide and to teach you And now you must fly

My son, I am here Life can be difficult I hear your cry

My son , I am here  Changes are painful…..Never forget who you are

My son,  I am here  Maintain the faith…. In yourself and in God

My son,  I am here  Self acceptance is yours… Do not fear

My son…. just ALWAYS know that I will be here….