Dear Love-


The bond that a child develops with his mother can never be severed. You grew as  an organism inside me for nine months. I carried you and sustained you,  sharing my sustenance with you through your umbilical cord. When you are born  the cord is severed. It is never severed in her heart. That bond lasts forever.  As we grow up we become our own people and may come to forget that woman, which is me….  (LOL)  who  nurtured and loved you. But remember this, I will never forget you and never  stop loving you.

I would do just about anything you’d ask, For you there’s nothing I wouldn’t  do, there’s no such task.

I would walk without my shoes to the end of the  Earth, I would give up anything I had to, to teach you self worth. I  would hold your hand every minute of every day, But I won’t because I know  you need to find your own way. I would surely bear the heartache of your  first love that’s real, Even though I can’t, I will naturally feel as you  feel.


I would do almost anything (legal) if it would keep you happy forever, I would  give my right arm to keep us forever together.  I would run a hundred  miles up-hill in the rain, Just to guarantee that you will never feel  pain. I would laugh with you even if I was sad, I will give you a  smile even if I’m mad.

I can only accept your mistakes with a grin on my  face, I will guide you in correcting them, but at your own pace. I  will guide you through life, as this world can get quite wild, Just don’t you  ever forget that you will always be my child.

Oh by the way…. thanks so much for helping me “grow up” in certain areas as well as being patient with me!


4 thoughts on “Dear Love-

  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    Lol! Sounds like my relationship with my mum, she left the UK two years ago this month, to go back to her place of birth, Jamaica.
    I do miss having her in the same city and country but I’m glad she is finally happy and feeling at home.
    Your children are blessed (whether they know it or not) to have a mum like you. 🙂

      1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

        Hey Val,
        It’s good to be back visiting my network of Blog buddies again. 🙂
        I’ve been busy working on my book so my Blog posts have been few and far between but I have been updating both Blogs and Twitter…just to ensure I keep those, who are interested, updated.

        I still feel the UK is a great place to live (I would say that being British 😉 ). However, as with everywhere, although money is out there, many are feeling the financial squeeze, so the Brits on the whole are frowning on the government allowing more immigrants into the country.
        I posted a piece (on my FB page and the Phil’s Lounge Blog) voicing my concerns over the rising xenophobia whilst giving a brief history lesson…when you have the time, please have a read.
        In saying all that, if you do come over, I would be happy to welcome you. 😀

        Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my dear.

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