Quick Chat With My Son –


If God. . Well more so WHEN God, shuts a door that you desire to walk into, do not get upset and God forbid STOP banging on the door that GOD chose to close! Obviously it is not meant for you to walk / enter into “that specific” door…so deal with it. Is it hard? Yes, Does it seem fair? No…. but what are you going to do….fight God? Beat Him up? Get angry at Him? Please do not waste your time and stressing yourself out over things that you cannot fix.

His response was….MOM, thank you so much because I was really mad…I am glad that God talks to you!

My response was….. SON, God talks to me a lot but like you…..I do NOT listen a great deal of times so we BOTH have to learn to trust God more but we can do this together!

Yes, I am indeed SUPER HONEST with my son…..trust me – KIDS ARE SMART!!

Legally he is almost 11

Mentally he is 16

Spiritually he is 20