Ever Been Super Stressed?


God Is Strong Enough To Toss A Mountain Like A Pebble. He Is Bigger Than The Universe. So We Can Absolutely Rest Our Cares Safely Upon His Shoulders. God Knows The Worries That Collect In Your Life Like Beads On A String.

Sometimes You Even Add Worries That Aren’t Yours To Bear. These Anxieties Surely Can and Will Zap All of Your Energy….( Trust Me….I Been There )
When God Gave Noah The Task Of Building The Ark, God Didn’t Want Him To Worry About How The Animals Would Get On Board. Noah ‘s Job Was Just To Build The Ark. God Task Was To Get Them There. Rest Assured That God Have Everything Under Control In Your Life, Too.

Give God Your Worries, In Exchange,  You Will Get Peace Read: Genesis 7.