The “F” Word Never Goes Away!


Traits of A Gossiper

First and foremost – if you are PLEASE STOP IT! You are worth more than the SILLY TIME that you are spending disrupting the lives of other people who clearly and obviously was NOT thinking of you –

When people are feeling bad about themselves, they sometimes think they’ll feel better if there were someone worse off than they are. It’s like, it’s okay being near the bottom, as long as they’re not actually on the bottom. The easiest way for them to make sure someone else is on the bottom is to make up a rumor that puts him or her there.

To feel like part of the group
If everybody else is gossiping or spreading rumors, you might feel you have to do the same thing in order to fit in. When you’re “in on the secret,” you’re in the group. Unfortunately, the person who the gossip or rumor is about is usually left out of the group for the same reason that you’re let into it.


For attention
When you know a secret that nobody knows, or are the first person in your group to hear a rumor, it can make you the center of attention. A rumor or piece of gossip is sometimes like money; telling it to people is like buying their attention, if only for a few minutes. You might even save up a really scandalous rumor, waiting for the right moment to blab so you get the greatest amount of attention
for it.

Out of boredom
This has to be the #1 reason people spread rumors! They are bored and have nothing PRODUCTIVE going on in their OWN LIVES.  Sometimes, a period where everyone is happy and getting along just seems kind of-dull. Spreading juicy dish might shake things up a bit, or get two people to start a fight, and that would make life a little more exciting. All those tabloid newspapers and TV shows full of celebrity gossip are pure proof that rumors are a popular form of entertainment.

For control or power
Certain people always want to be in control and at the top of the latter. You probably know at least one person who needs to be the leader, say what goes, and make all the decisions. When people are at the top of the popularity scale, or are determined to climb higher, one way they do this is by reducing the “status” of another person. Spreading rumors and gossip is one of the main ways people cut another person’s status, especially among girls. It’s like one caveman beating up another caveman for control of the tribe-only it’s done with cruel whispers and petty remarks instead of fists.

Out of jealousy or a need for revenge
If you’re jealous of someone’s looks, popularity, or money, you might gossip about that person to hurt him or her. If you feel that someone’s done something bad to you, or deserves to be hurt, making up a rumor might satisfy your sense of justice.

Now, if you have ANY traits of this then you have to just admit that you indeed are a gossiper….

It is okay, because now you can “Get a Life”…. and work on it!


Do YOU Know A Person Like This…


A person who wants to be connected to ANYTHING and EVERYONE who seems to be the “it people or it situation” at the current >> MOMENT?

They desperately want to be invited to things that they don’t even belong to or have “that type of” a relationship with ANYONE involved?

They want to show up even un-announced at the latest happenings just to say that they was there? ( regardless if they say WAYYYY in the back or stood in the hallway or even better yet, stood outside)

They even join things at events just to be seen and recognized so it CAN APPEAR that they are everywhere and social society wants them to be apart! !! Well in ALL actuality …./ REALITY…they are accepted into whatever event they KEEP showing up to is because they need an EXTRA BODY to fill the space!!!

Newsflash!!!! You are NOT people’s 1st choice….sorry!

They just want to be apart….apart of what? ANYTHING!! Because they lack self-esteem and have not been “accurately affirmed’ from childhood to even PRESENT DAY sadly. 

They also try to connect with people who they have nothing in common with just so they can try to become something even the MORE THAT THEY ARE NOT.

They PRIDE themselves on knowing “the 411” “the 311” all the latest business of OTHER PEOPLE because they have crowned themselves so popular and consider themselves apart of the who’s – who crowd!

I laugh because they are indeed glorified gossipers who actually think that the people that they are DESPERATELY trying to be around – connect with – find out about – and keep up with thinks that they cannot see through who they are and what they are doing!

Unfortunately, the person who the gossip or rumor is about is usually left out of the group for the same reason that you’re let into it.

Sadly we all know someone like this…….what is even MORE SAD is that some know “several people” like this!