Co – Parenting 101


REALIZE that you have to do it!

It is important and a healthy act towards any type of surface friendship that you can keep up with your child’s father.

My son will 11 next week and his father has FINALLY seen the light and really trying to do better……..(fingers crossed)

First and foremost you have your children in common. Raising them and helping them to grow into well-adjusted adults should be what you have in common and should be the main goal for both of you.

You want them to feel safe and secure and the best way to do this is by keeping your relationship with your ex husband friendly and non-confrontational to keep some of the stress away from your children.

In the blending of households and the juggling of visitations, kids often feel they have no rights. In some ways this is true, because the adults are making so many decisions on behalf of the child. Remember that your child loves the other parent. When a parent complains about the other parent, that can set a negative tone, even if what you are saying is true.To reduce their feelings of helplessness, give the child as much control as you can over the little things. There is a lot of give-and-take that happens in families. TRY to cooperate with your ex to accommodate changes in schedules and activities, and honor the child’s preferences when you can.

It is not mandatory but DO MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT to do so if he has shown consideration as well because it is nice to be nice right???
Such flexibility establishes a good co-parenting pattern. Most mother’s make all the sacrifices but hopefully there are SOME FATHERS who are actually willing to sacrifices as well.
Hopefully the fathers can see that they too are important in the process!