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You can’t forgive under your own strength… this is the problem and why you’re so bitter! Only through the Grace of God can you forgive….. SERIOUSLY!

There are different types of forgiveness. For example, there is personal forgiveness and divine forgiveness. Personal forgiveness takes place between people mostly on a personal level but can take place on an impersonal level as well. To clarify, personal forgiveness occurs when a person chooses not to hold any animosity or resentment toward a friend, relative or co-worker who may have committed an offense toward him or her.
 Impersonal forgiveness occurs when a person chooses to forgive a stranger who has done harm to him, a family member or has caused damage in some manner. Impersonal forgiveness may apply to someone who has committed a crime such as murder, rape, property damage or some other offense.Forgiveness often doesn’t come immediately.
The process may take time. A disagreement between spouses may be forgiven quickly, but if the hurt is deep enough, forgiveness may be a gradual process. You may have to work through the pain to get to the place in your heart where forgiveness can take place. Prayer or meditation can help you reach that place.
imageIt is also important to be honest with yourself, to acknowledge and accept your feelings rather than denying them. Be honest and sincere, whether you’re forgiving someone or asking for forgiveness. Even if you’re not willing to forgive right away or someone isn’t willing to forgive you, making the attempt represents a critical step.
You also should remember that it is more difficult to forgive others if you cannot forgive yourself. Forgiveness heals the spirit and sets your mind and heart free. It is a necessary component to living a healthy life.

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