Morning Note –


Time decides who you meet in life

Your heart decides who you want in your life

and your behavior decides who stays in your life

Many people have searched for a life with happiness. Some state that they have found such life, while others belief that such a life does not exist in reality. In fact, happiness is different for every individual; it has different definitions and values for everyone. Many people find happiness in small achievements, while others want to be successful in order to be happy. Every individual has different opinions about happiness.

Now, many of you must be thinking if we can actually find and lead a happy life. Honestly, it solely depends on you, whether you are prepared to do anything to live with happiness or you are just lying in a couch and dream of a happy life.

You need to find out the things that make you happy and then achieve those things. You can know that you are on the right track or not, if you feel comfortable and start enjoying your everyday tasks. You need to struggle hard to get the happiness. However, if you feel that you are not on the right track, do not think that you deserve to be unhappy.



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