My HEART is Glad –


I just got off the phone with my son –  whew…. I love that little boy! Oooops, I mean that “young man” – LOL

He called me to tell me he missed me, he has my money in his coat pocket and my shopping card that he forgot to give back to me earlier in the week! He also called me to let me know that he saw his new stepmother and her kids last night and they gave him hugs and were happy to see him… I cannot tell you how that MELTED MY HEART – Just love my son….that is all I expect!

Blended families do not have to bring drama – they have the power to produce sooo much love if the adults involved are mature enough to see it! My son really just loves his father and wants to spend as much time with him as possible – his father is still learning to be a father and I do commend him for that –  When I see my son with his father, I know his heart is simply saying –

Although he has acted up off and on for the last few months but he has STILL REMAINED respectful –  I know that it is just growing pains of dealing with the up and downs of his father’s absence in his life – PRAYERFULLY things are indeed turning around – I feel that the newest woman in his life will help him in this area – and I too advised her of that as well.

His father is getting married this weekend and I was practicing being nice and cooperative ( smile ) and volunteered to let my son miss school today to make it easier for his father and my son’s new stepmother since we live like an hour and a half from each other. Planning a wedding and all the little details that come along with it just makes things easier when you have the bridal party together or at least in close proximity!


Im excited for him and I actually met / talked to extensively and really like his new stepmother! With no problem she understood my questions, my reasonings etc. as well as any concerns that I may have. FINALLY – A mature stepmother for my wonderful son Jared!!!

Thank GOD from up above – I sense that she will bring NO DRAMA where my son is concerned- which I am sooooooo happy about! Yes, she seems like a lovely woman who loves God, loves her own kids and already shows genuine kindness toward my son – I am grateful that my son’s father CHOSE more wisely this time around.

 Welp! Prayerfully all will go well for the sake of his father’s happiness. I want my son’s father to be successful as long as he maintains a good relationship with his son and ONLY HAVING JESUS CHRIST in his life will keep this possible.

Every child needs their father as well as their mother BUT God set this thing up that kids LOVE their fathers…. regardless of and in spite of  whatever!!!

Nonetheless, MY SON is happy and so far so good and that is all that matters TO ME  – do my son right and we can ALL be a happy Christian semi -family.