How I Named My Son –




FIRST, let me say that there indeed is MEANING in a name……My daughter Jenaya, who was about 6 or 7 at the time actually named my son Jared – now when she said it, I was thinking wow, how did she know about this scripture because I never heard of Jared IN THE BIBLE at all. I knew that there used to be a television show named JARED but that is all.
However, as we  were looking in the bible she found it and I was amazed, prayed about it and she said it is great to be the father of Enoch because God just took him mommy and never died! (which coming from a young child is indeed amazing right! )
The Biblical baby name Jared is Hebrew in origin and it’s meaning is descent.The Biblical baby name Jared is Hebrew in origin and it’s meaning is descent.

Jared is pronounced jah’-red.

Jared was a son of Mahalaleel, and a descendant of Seth. His son was Enoch. Jared lived for 830 years. He is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

Biblical reference for baby name Jared:
Genesis 5:15-20;


Jared, Father of Enoch

When Jared was one hundred and sixty two years old, he begat Enoch (Genesis 5:18 KJV). Should we check our Biblical Timeline, Adam must be six hundred and twenty two years old when Enoch was born.

Jared lived another eight hundred years and begat sons and daughters (Genesis 5:19 KJV). The sum total of Jared’s life is nine hundred and sixty two years (Genesis 5:20 KJV) – this is from 3544 BC to 2582 BC