Celebrating MY Son – “Jared”….


For ME, you’re more than Superman, Batman, Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, Iron Man and all the other superheroes of the world. You’re our very own Super Boy Jared!!!! – Actually you are MY SUPER BOY!

Try not to waste this year too!!! You keep me busy all year round so pick a few months to stay productive! LOL May this new year of your life, bring in more wisdom, more self-love and more happiness in your life.
May you get all the happiness in world that your heart can “presently hold” and May God bless you abundantly.  I can never thank God enough for giving me a son like you.

MY Love Muffin, You’re not just a handsome face, but you are even blessed with a pure heart. When you were born, I held you in my arms and I whispered a small thank you to God for gifting me a star….. ( I was crying when you were born and you took all of those tears away….. ) Mommy wishes you have a year filled with lots of success. May all your hard work pay off….  

Alright boy, see you in a few hours! LOL


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