Morning Random –


It is so very important that we seek a personal relationship with God! He has everything that we need. How many times have you heard someone say that? He has everything that we need. Take a minute. Stop and ponder that statement, “God has everything you need.”

I can’t stress enough the fact that you need to have a personal relationship with God. You need to spend time with Him! There are no short cuts! You can’t trick God into thinking that you are trying to develop a relationship with Him.

There are so many things that face us each and every day. I don’t look forward to the mail any more. Every day seems to bring something that needs more attention than what I give God and that is not right…..

I have ALLOWED my life to get SOOOOO HECTIC that there has been more occasions that I would like to admit that I had to force myself to spend time with God!!!!! Tell me that is not crazy – “forcing yourself to spend time with God”….

In my case, if I don’t spend one-on-one time with God the first thing in the morning then I generally find the day has flown by and I haven’t spent the time. Plus, spending time with God the first thing in the morning creates an open channel between me and God. It reminds me that He is right here with me. It places my mind on Him and it becomes easier to focus on Him throughout the day.