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My Own Night Cap


We suffer difficulties. We suffer troubles. Problems crop up on the left and on the right. We might even be afraid to open our mail. Trials are going to continue coming. The more technical the world gets the more problems we are going to have. People’s attitudes are changing. Many don’t take pride in what they do and mistakes are the result. That’s the bad news.

Now for the good news: THE WORD OF GOD IS NOT BOUND! God and His Word are not affected by the world and what’s in it! No matter what is happening around us God does not change. No matter how crazy things seem, His Word stands strong and will not change. We can be assured that God still loves us and still wants to help and comfort us. Everything He has said WILL NOT CHANGE!

How do you take comfort in God’s Word if you don’t know what He says? You have to be reading His Word and allowing it to soak into your brain and heart. You have to spend time in your Bible. You have to spend time in prayer. There is no other way. You can do all the listening to preachers that you want, but the Word has to be alive for you as an individual! You can’t develop a personal relationship with your Lord through another person. It just isn’t possible!


Important Message For Kids!!


Whew…. if kids only knew what real life was about and how the horrible choices they make can and WILL shift their lives for the worse…

God knows that the kids born from the late 1980’s AND the 1990’s have really made Parenting a VERY difficult task!!!!

Geesh, I’m so serious. Gotta keep praying and seriously keeping the FAITH!


Mental Note


Learn not to slip on your own mistakes!

Choose wisely and seek good counsel so that you will not have to repeat the same things over and over again. We all should be just a little bit tired by now at this point in our lives of repeating SILLY things that indeed could have been prevented.

Do not worry about anyone else slipping if your own foundation is NOT sturdy enough to keep you from slipping and falling –

Women's Stuff

Just Wondering Why –


Why are women always so catty with one another? I think of all the EXCUSES that people can use of WHY THEY ACT the way that they do and it still makes no sense besides low self esteem.
Some naive people could say that its the nature of the FEMALE.  Or maybe even humankind in general is the most warlike of all species, and its even worse if they are fighting to protect something. 
Is it that they will fight to the death to protect something they hold dear if they feel the enemy per say, is a threat. Or how about they will fight for the death if the enemy has something they want or need, or if they interfere with their lives.  I am assuming that 2/3 of these scenarios are why most of history’s wars are started.
There are more GIRLS who have the AGE BRACKETS of women but they are not happy with themselves so although they are 40 years of age – their behaviors clearly place them at a age of a 18 – 21 year old GIRL and not a WOMAN!  ……. ( sad thing is that this has been going on for centuries )
Honestly petty girls who do not know how strong they can eventually be like revenge and getting back at each other because it disgusting makes them feel better about themselves! But then you have the guys who too can be petty at times, however find a way to just hit each other and they are done with it.  Ummm…. and maybe I’m a girl and most of my friends are guys b/c girls like drama!!! LOL – geesh…..
One day a majority of women across the world will realize that we are BETTER and STRONGER TOGETHER!!

More Random –

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Stop complaining “all the time” and understand that God has everything you need. He has made plans for every thing that can happen. He has made provision for your happiness and your peace. He’s done His part. If you don’t do yours then you will not be able to access the things that will help you. God won’t force Himself on you.

God is a gentleman and desires for you to CHOOSE to follow Him! Trust me…. He certainly won’t force you to read your Bible. He has made it available and it is your responsibility to see what is in it. He won’t force you to communicate with Him. He has made Himself available to you 24 hours a day. It is indeed  up to you to take advantage of what He has already provided.