Morning Mental Message-


Taking action to pursue God’s purposes for your life will cause your fears to surface. Whenever that happens, shift your focus away from your fears and toward God, who can help you overcome them. Ask God to give you a vision for what He wants to do and through you, and trust God as He leads you out of your comfort zone. Pray against evil spiritual forces that want you to be burdened by fear, and pray for God to give you greater faith every day to overcome fear.

Transition is somewhere between a caterpillar and a butterfly. You can’t fly yet, but you’ve made up your mind you shall never crawl again. Just think,  just when the caterpillar thought its life was over… A BEAUTIFUL butterfly emerged. Hold on friend. You’re coming out!!!



  1. I like this a lot… I’ve been feeling like I’m stuctk in my own cocoon lately! Your post has reminded me to be patient and calm, and stop trying to fight when I feel like I can’t breathe. God knows what he’s doing with me. Even when I have no clue!!!
    You look extra lovely in this pic! Love the scarf, it pulls your look together nicely 🙂 Kat

    • hey honey!!!

      how are you doing TODAY? Better im hoping and praying…. I understand via waiting on God – some days its like….ummmm.. hello God, did you forget what you said to me? Then HE REPLIES and says, NO, I am just STILL waiting on what you said you would do! LOL

      Obedience takes work and sacrafice takes strength….love ya and hope that your week is utterly amazing! xoxo

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