Hanging With My Bestie


Welp, as usual……my momma needs / wants to run around and 5 stops will be the minimum! !!

She loves just being on the go and never really has a prime destination!.  Just getting out of the house to just rip and run…LOL


I don’t mind running around with MY MOMMY because with her being a very young 73 years of agr, I better never complain right!!!

You would think the mall would be her firat or favorite place to atop…NO!!! It’s the regular grocery store folks!!! LOL


Its sooooooooo weird because I’m telling the truth too!! Hower, I’m grateful that God allows her to continually wake up everyday….  it’s a blessing because we all know that a great deal of folk didn’t wake up today. .  But My Mommy did!



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