Some Kids –


Working with a child who is difficult can be challenging  for parents, teachers and any other adults that may be in the child’s life.

Balance discipline and love. Constantly yelling and chastising for poor behavior is not going to make the behavior improve. Find a way to address poor behavior without making the child feel unwanted. Explain the reason for the disciplinary action but reassure the child that you are correcting him out of love……

Of course when the kids get at a certain age – they are NOT going to want to hear any kind of explanation…….. The same concepts can work for teenagers or young adults but it has to be done in different ways….


Whew…… some Children who are difficult quite often require more love and attention in order to overcome the underlying issues that are causing them to act out or be disruptive. Finding ways to address the behavior while still making the child feel loved can be challenging. It takes patience, but loving a difficult child can be rewarding for the child and the adult.

imageHOWEVER, time and change will have to take place for a number of things to work out within the child!! Whew, Jesus!!!!! Kids who grow up in two type of households MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE and can sometime be a GREAT detriment! Choices, how they live, their morals, views, stances, beliefs and their WHOLE outlook i n life!!!