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A Happy 40


Nobody really teaches us how to be happy do they?  How come we’re not given an instruction book when we come into this world?  It sure would make things easier, but it certainly would make things less interesting.

We’re not taught the secret to happiness.  Isn’t that crazy? We’re taught algebra and grammar but we’re left on our own when it comes to our happiness.  So we end up making it so complicated don’t we?

We come into this life knowing how to be happy.  In fact, we come knowing that it’s our only real purpose.  But, somewhere along the way we forget this very important thing.

This is especially true for us women in midlife. We end up losing ourselves because we spend years putting our needs second to the people around us – our parents, teachers, friends, spouses, bosses, and religious leaders.

If you’re feeling tired, stuck, or bored; or your dreams are so old you can’t even remember what they are, it’s time to make some changes and put yourself high on your priority list.   Now is the time to focus on yourself and learn how to be happy again.


There are millions of women over 40 in the world who are thriving and living fulfilling lives. These women aren’t better than you, smarter than you, more worthy or stronger than you. They just know something that you’ve forgotten. But I’m here to remind you….. THAT YOU CANNOT FORGET ABOUT YOURSELF….

The more that I have CHOSEN to focus on ME, the more others have from time to time  GOTTEN UPSET.. It is due to them being used to ME ALWAYS placing them FIRST… soo sorry to let them know that I am no longer that person!

I am 40 and taking my life by the horns and riding it MY WAY! No apology will come attached either! I only get 1 LIFE.. AND I HAVE WASTED MORE THAN HALF OF IT….

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Good Girlfriends –


Have you ever asked yourself if you a good person, and do you push the act of empowering strength to other women? What do you bring to the table in a good girlfriend relationship? A great deal of women think that they are not able to find and maintain good girlfriends… but guess what,, YOU CAN!

We all have our specific qualities and in a friendship, we must to have something that benefits the other person if we are to be of value. What is it that you provide? Dependability? An ear to listen? Good advice? Positive feedback?

We have all had a friend or two that may have a few negative qualities but you try to love them through thier process. Do not ever jump into the gossip rut or complaining trap or do you empower and boost women and cheer them on?

If you find you’re not a positive influence on your friends, you can easily develop some skills to be more so. Keep in mind, if you have negative friends and you become more positive, they may take a while to catch on to the new, more positive you or may choose to leave the friendship. However, when you even meet new friends is a blessing when the spirit of UNITY is there

Women who gain attention by always complaining are unlikely to warm up to a positive-minded person. After all, being positive means taking responsibility for your choices, situation and life and this is completely opposite of what negative people do.

Five great qualities to bring to the friendship table:

Dependability – Dependability is underrated. If you are a dependable friend with personal boundaries, you are priceless. Without personal boundaries, many dependable friends get taken advantage of.
Respect – Respect is earned, not aged into. If you respect your friends and what they stand for and it is mutual, your bonds will be stronger and more long lasting than others.
Positive Feedback – A realistic positive outlook and encouragement are two of the most powerful things you can give a friend in crisis.
Alternate Perspective – Looking at a situation from a different perspective is crucial to making good decisions. Helping a friend to do this is admirable.
Honesty – Honesty is not synonymous with agreement. Tough love is sometimes necessary in friendships and is appreciated by true friends.

Helping Self...



There is NOTHING like music that can sooth and heal the soul… Music, prayer and reading the bible ALWAYS have the ability to make me recall the God that I serve and His promises to me – I sometimes have BAD days and God’s music molds my mind back to the place where I can think – When in doubt……go listen to hyms and go meditate and allow God to minister to YOU